"R enga", or Linked Image, is a new methodology of image creation in the digital era. It was given birth at the intersection of art, telecommunication network and multimedia.

In Renga artists share and exchange computer graphics art works on telecommunication network. An image will turn into a new piece by going through modification and transformation applied by a different artist, thus creating a series of growing imagery.

Renga originated in its experimental session called "Carefree Sunday" in 1992, which was carried by two artists Rieko Nakamura and Toshihiro Anzai.

Their Renga sessions also developed into a new form of collaboration art involving a number of people. "International Renga" at SIGGRAPH '94, "Ninohashi Renga" as a part of a series of workshops organized by NTT/ICC, "Yotsuya Renga" on the ICC-Net, and "JinnanChristmas Renga" which was broadcasted live on NHK satelite channel are such cases.

Images produced through these Renga sessions are included in the in-house edition of the Renga CD-ROM which was published in April 1995. One can also make a visit to the Renga home page .

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