Rieko Nakamura  

e-mail: rieko@tt.rim.or.jp

Born in Hokkaido, 1958.
BFA Musashino Art University
I'm involved in program producing edutainment soft, business communication enterprise and contents production.
1991 collaborated art RENGA (linked image) start
2002 evolved RENGA “Cambrian game” published at Yasuda-kodo, Tokyo University
2005 planned, directed continuous series of Cambrian game sessions in EXPO 2005 Aichi
2008 “Renga channel” starts on the video sharing website YouTube
Part-time professor at The University of Tokyo Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies

I'm involved in all kind of art projects and workshops that includes drawing a picture, technology mixed project which we use analog/digital devices. 
I often cooperate teachers and schools, universities or research institutions business organizations.
I'm enthusiastic about the diary or community on SNS or Jodo (Japanese martial arts) and in recent years.

You can get further information below.

URL: http://rieko.jp/
Latest profile(in Japanese)


1991 Nicograph 10th Anniversary Special Prize
          (Nippon Computer Graphics Association)

1994 Imagina'94 "Virtual RENGA,"( Monte Carlo, Monaco )
          SIGGRAPH'94 The Edge,Art and Design Show( Orlando, Florida)

1995 The Information-Culture Prize
          (JICS; Japan Information-Culture Society)
          Network Section Art Award  Multimedia Grand  Prix '95 
          (Multimedia Content Association of Japan)

1997 Selected and exhibited at Prix Ars Electronica'97 Interactive Category

2000 TactileRENGA ,ISEA2000
        Creativity and the Web (Symposium on Electronic Art /France)

2006 The Cambrian Game,Japan Media Arts100 /Art section by free vote on web(Japan Media Arts Festival )


1987   "Hop-Step-Drop" with Nameless-Studio (Performing art)

1989    Cover illustration for "Express" (Masternet Inc., publication)

1991    Digital Image 1991, Ginza, Tokyo
              ArtArt '91, Ginza,Tokyo
              Telemetier, Tokyo

1992    "Renga," network art series collaboration with Anzai Toshihiro
              Imagina '92( Monte Carlo, Monaco)

1993     Cover illustrations for "Netpeer" 
              (monthly magazine, Japan)
              Nakamura Rieko,Anzai Toshihiro "Renga" exhibition( Kobe)
              Silicon Expo'93

1994     Dream of Orlando," T-BRAIN CLUB( Tokyo)
              "Virtual Renga,"Imagina'94( Monte Carlo, Monaco)
              "Dream of Orlando," T-Brain Club(Tokyo International Museum)
              SIGGRAPH'94 The Edge,Art and Design Show(Orlando, Florida)
              "Ninohashi Renga," Tokyo (NTT/ICC)

1995     Produced ShareART (pc-van) 
              ShareART Renga exhibition (NEC C&C Digital Gallery, Osaka)
              Released "Renga" on the WWW (http://renga.ntticc.or.jp/)
              ICC-ISEA '95 International Renga session (Montreal/Tokyo)
              Visual Jazz '95(Makuhari, Chiba/Harumi, Tokyo)

1996     New Year's Renga (Kyodo News Service)
              Renga in Beijing (Vision Quest 1996 Beijing)
              Produced network art theater "Rengei-Za"
1997     Renga "pas de deux"
         Aoba Renga
         Global Renga 1997 (Japan Telecom)
1998     Count down 21 renga (Asahi News Paper)
         Tactile Renga
1999     Tactile Renga2
     Ekotoba Renga, Tokyo Univ.
2000     InterWall Renga

2002     "Cambrian Game" 
2003     Exhibition "face-poiesis" NTT/ICC, Tokyo


1991     Co-conceived/published "Telemetier" art magazine
1992     "CG Artworks" (Graphics Sha)
1993     Column for "NetWorks" (monthly magazine, ASCII  CORPORATION)

1995     Published "Renga" CD-ROM 
              "CrossTalk" (visual essays,) "CAPE-X" 
              (monthly magazine, ASCII  CORPORATION)
              Internet Art Report, "SuperDesigning"
              (quarterly magazine, Genkoh-sha Co.Ltd)

1996     Article series, "Internet ASCII" 
               (monthly magazine,ASCII  CORPORATION )
2004    "Media Practice" (co-auther, Serica Publishing)